For two Bath mums, the expression ‘the writing is on the wall’ has never been truer. They have launched Ezeepeel, a brand new company that supplies peel and stick removable A1 rolls that fix onto a blank surface and transform a wall, a cupboard door, a window, a fridge into an instant classroom, a graffiti wall, a scheduling dream or just a place to scribble your thoughts.

“Ezeepeel was born out of our daughters’ love of mind-mapping,” explained Ezeepeel co-owner and mum of two, Jess. “We searched for a fun and interactive way to inspire our kids to leave their screens behind and encourage visual learning. I tried whiteboards from the local shops but was disappointed in the quality and size, and hesitant to bash a nail in the wall. Angelique, meanwhile (Ezeepeel’s co-owner), ordered chalkboard paint by the potful and after a lot of mess and many coats, was stuck with a lousy permanent result that cost a lot. After comparing notes, we decided that we could do something better.”

Partnering with a Bristol firm, Jess and Angelique found their perfect solution: a premium chalkboard and whiteboard vinyl backed with a unique repeelable adhesive. “All we had to do was decide how big the boards should be,” added Angelique. “So we put up samples in our kids’ rooms and discovered that A4 was just not big enough. So we tried A3 – still the girls wanted the boards to be bigger. Eventually we landed on the perfect A1 poster size – easy to put up and take down in seconds (15 seconds by our count!), they are also gorgeous and generously sized to encourage big dreams and big thoughts.”

With the boards up and a huge hit, the duo created the Ezeepeel brainstorm kit, a mind mapping tool that’s made up of sticky dry erase cue cards, clouds and motivational stickers, which are perfect to pair with chalkboard or whiteboard decal. Check out their kits and full range at

Next the mums turned their attention to planning and created the whiteboard and chalkboard Instant To Do Boards – perfect for the kitchen or any other hub of your home, it provides a weekly planner that wipes clean in seconds.

“Our plan is to make Ezeepeel products invaluable,” said Jess. “The chalkboards and whiteboards turn any room into a classroom – you can even try sticking them onto a desk. From teaching kids their ABCs to revising A Levels, their erasable surfaces encourage students to fully express themselves without worrying about mistakes or mess. With the wipe of an Ezeepeel eraser, you can always start again. But it’s not all about school – Ezeepeel is a place to colour, to play (Pictionary anyone?), to plot out your business empire or your weekend plans. It’s a place for inspiration.”

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