German GCSE Year 11 students from Fairfield High School (FHS) – Morien, Alice and Camilla – have beaten hundreds of others from across the country to secure a place on the Trinity College Cambridge Language Masterclass programme.

The programme involves monthly virtual sessions to hear from, and engage with, inspirational speakers from countries around the world to provide an insight into different languages and cultures. The aim not only is to educate the young people, but to broaden their horizons by gaining a deeper understanding of how billions of people across the globe live their lives.

The latest speaker was a professor from Japan who gave an overview of the Japanese language and its history. The live interactive session invited students to pose their own questions and take part in a quiz.

All three students expressed their surprise at being accepted onto the programme and recognised the privileges this brings. Morien commented, “This programme has helped me to understand the world better and connect with different cultures.”

Alice added, “This is great for later on in life when we’re older and want to live in another country, such as Germany. It’s opening up lots of opportunities for us.”

Camilla concluded, “I really like the way languages, and in particular German, is taught at Fairfield. I like the fact that this has led to other doors being opened up for us. We feel very lucky.”