Imagine a school where slides, escalators, unlimited ice cream and doughnuts, Michelin star dining and micro detentions are the norm. These were just some of the ideas that came from students after Fairfield High School (FHS) launched its annual Year 7 competition asking what changes could be made at the school.

“As always, we were entertained and impressed by the imaginative and creative entries,” said Donavan Shand, Year 7 Achievement Coordinator. “In this somewhat sombre world, it was a delight to see so many young people take themselves off on this fantasy journey.”

Congratulations goes to Oscar Smith (pictured above) for his winning poem, My Ideal Fairfield, and his fantastic take on what his Ideal Fairfield would look like.

“I was inspired to write this poem when I heard of the poetry competition,” commented Oscar. “It is about my dream fantasy of what I would want the school to be like. It’s a silly and light hearted poem but what I expect would be a vision of every pupil’s ideal school.

“I enjoy English because of the creativity and imagination you can use to write whatever you want.”

My ideal Fairfield

If there was one thing I could change

about the school that I work in,

I would make our long textbooks 

a little bit more thin.

But jokes aside,

woe betide

those who don’t pick this school,

for when they find all the fun we have

they’ll feel jealous, they will drool.

Slides and lifts on every floor,

in corridors pupils shall run

but my presidency shan’t end there,

it has only just begun. 

Practicals only science,

time to chill when your work is done, 

and a Michelin star restaurant

serving free doughnuts and a current bun.

There’d be stampedes in the corridors

to get to lessons first,

and instead of the other way,

last would be the worst.

We would get an Ofsted outstanding

every school inspection,

and this technique would be adopted

at the next election.

So you see

how fun it will be

if we let pupils make the rules,

how it would be, how it enthrals,

give the voice to your future.

“I run this competition every year, finding that the creativity never fails to amaze or put a smile on my face,” added Mr Shand. “I chose Oscar as this year’s winner because not only was I impressed with his novel ideas, but the fluidity was outstanding. When Oscar returns to school, we look forward to presenting him with a prize, which might even stretch to a free doughnut or two!”

The runners up in the competition were Robyn, Jessica and Georgie, and Thomas.


Fairfield High School, FHS.

Lunch, break. extra time.

Double maths we’re half asleep, sorting decimals from prime.

A cosy place to sit outside, shelters preventing rain.

Give us ice cream when we’re good, and then we won’t complain.

Detentions to be one second long

and hot lunches if you can, to help us stay happy and strong.

By Robyn, Jessica and Georgie


Make the Corridors wide and tall so we can all disperse.

and add more water fountains to deal with our thirst.

I feel the need for some escalators,

by the way Teachers you are all great educators.

but maybe give us less work to do,

for we have useless things to go see to.

Okay back to business, 

Can we go home early because its nearly Christmas? 

By Thomas