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Hanham Woods Academy proudly celebrated diversity when it hosted its first Day of Culture, a vibrant celebration highlighting the differing backgrounds of its student body.

Students were invited to attend the academy wearing traditional colourful attire from their respective countries.

The event was initiated by Year 11 Wellbeing student leaders who expressed the desire to celebrate their differences and learn about other cultures. Tasha Wolyn, Head of Social Sciences, was a driving force behind this initiative and led students and staff in creating a number of different sessions through a range of cultural activities.

From the intricate Japanese paper art of origami to the rhythmic movements of Indian Bollywood dancing, participants immersed themselves in a variety of experiences designed to celebrate cultural heritage. Other highlights included African rug printing, crafting clay figurines, mastering embroidery techniques and indulging in the flavours of global cuisines through food making and tasting sessions.

The event aligned with Hanham’s ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and equality, including the pursuit of an Equality Mark Award in collaboration with South Gloucestershire Council.

Nicola Hurrell, Associate Assistant Principal, said, “We are so proud of all our staff and students for actively engaging in our first ever Festival of Culture where we recognised and celebrated diversity.

“A big shout out to Tasha Wolyn for leading this event and of course a huge well done to our well-being leaders for their hard work and planning.”