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Fairfield High School (FHS) presented its version of Matilda the Musical, resulting in high quality performances oozing with pizzazz, entertainment and sheer brilliance. With four performances and two casts throughout the week, traditional favourites Matilda, Miss Honey, Miss Trunchball, Mr & Mrs Wormwood and Rudolpho stood out together with the rest of the cast to deliver impressive acting, singing and dancing to the sell-out audiences.

The set with its iconic classroom, jail, living room and library was colourful and effective, with the crew moving scenery and props between scenes with slickness and ease. The sound system, microphones, lighting and choreography were also second-to-none, evident of the months of hard work by the Fairfield’s Performing Arts Department.

The Fairfield High School production of Matilda was a success for whole cast and crew

For those that don’t know, Matilda tells the story of the young school child, a bookworm with a desire to learn and a thirst for knowledge. Sadly, her shallow family don’t share this vision and put her down at every opportunity. Teacher Miss Honey is a breath of fresh air and the two form a close relationship. Miss Trunchball, the school’s Principal on the other hand, is a bully making everyone’s life a misery. Matilda, Miss Honey and the rest of the class overthrow the system, triumphantly creating a new world for them.

Nick Lewis, Principal at FHS (and the very opposite to Miss Trunchball!), commented, “Thank you to all those involved, especially Miss Thompson and the rest of the dedicated performing arts team whose determination and drive have seen us achieve the wondrous event that has been Matilda. Even in a global pandemic, you can’t keep the Fairfield family from achieving excellence.”

Natalie Thompson, Head of Performing Arts at FHS

Natalie Thompson, Head of Performing Arts, added, “A massive thank you to our cast and crew for their professionalism and all around brilliance. We’ve had covid bubbles, lockdowns and setbacks, but our team carried on regardless. We also couldn’t have done it without all those who bought a ticket and showed their encouragement through claps and cheers!”