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Ian Waller enjoys a stunning piece of original theatre featuring three stand-out performances

Wow, what a night! A real, full-on world premiere with a packed audience and just an incredible production that was moving, funny, dramatic, shocking and powerful.

Revealed tells the story of a three generations of black men brought together for one evening in a Caribbean cafe in Birmingham as civil unrest is taking place outside. As the world splits apart outside in a tirade of violence and anger, so the three characters, grandfather Sidney (Everal A Walsh), father Malcolm (Daniel J Carver) and son Luther (Dylan Brady), are forced to face their own past and presents, mistakes and challenges, anger and bigotry, and inevitably their true feelings towards each other. The result is just an incredibly powerful, intense and thought-provoking study of family, masculinity, racism, relationship and repression.

Throughout the performances from each of the actors is simply stunning. Walsh is charming and loving as Sidney, the old grandfather with a twinkle in his eye and love for the old ways of community and respect, while also hiding secrets and regrets. Carver, meanwhile, bristles with anger and frustration within his violent and ultimately sad persona, having genuine reason to shout at the world without fully understanding how to react. And then there’s Brady as the son Luther in what is a simply incredible presentation of youthful hope and frustration, fear and love.

Dylan Brady as Luther and Everal A Walsh as Sidney

Watching the three together is like eavesdropping on a family’s conversations and arguments rather than sitting in a theatre watching a practiced performance. The remarkably authentic and insightful script by Daniel J Carver, backed by the stunning performances, gives the whole thing a such a realistic feel that you want to leave your seat and comfort the son, listen to the old man and try to reason with father. When the wonderful moments of humour shine through, you feel part of the joy of the situation, while then shocked by the violence and frustration that constantly lurks nearby And as the blue flashing lights of the police car zoom past and another explosion is heard, you worry for the future of the characters and their family and friends at the end of their phones.

Daniel J Carver as Malcolm and Everal A Walsh as Sidney

Revealed is a stunning piece of drama, wonderfully crafted, perfectly performed and so influential too as you can’t watch it without thinking of your own family make-up, the prejudices and bigotry that surround communities, and the changing nature of relationships. The standing ovation from the packed audience was well deserved and ticket sales are already impressive for the rest of the run – so book yours as soon as possible!

It’s so great to learn that local schools are being invited to watch Revealed and take part in discussions and workshops around the themes that presented. While the play is recommended for ages 14+ – the language is strong and there is the use of homophobic and racist language throughout, as well as references to domestic violence – the work is also a great catalyst for debate and discussion about things so central to today’s society, that it makes a perfect educational resource for older students.

Revealed runs at the Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol until 8 October. For more information and to book tickets, go to