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For the first time ever, Wells Cathedral’s Choristers will be camping in the Cathedral overnight to raise funds for UNICEF’s Ukraine Appeal.

The images of the desperate situation for those in Ukraine, and those who are fleeing or have fled the country, have had such a strong affect. This is a particularly horrific time for the children of Ukraine, and the Choristers of Wells Cathedral want to do something to help them.

On Friday 27 May, tents will be pitched and sleeping bags rolled out inside the Cathedral for a 14-hour overnight stay. The Choristers are very excited, but have been warned to wrap up warm as they will be sleeping on the cold, hard stone floor!

Thanks go to the Cathedral Chapter for their support of this event, and to the Ancient Gatehouse Hotel who will be providing the Choristers and their adult helpers with an early breakfast on the Cathedral Green on Saturday morning.

More than half of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children have now been forced to flee the ongoing violence. Homes, schools, water supplies and hospitals have been damaged or destroyed. Children have been separated from their families, and hundreds of thousands of people have been left without clean water, food or electricity. UNICEF is working around the clock in Ukraine and at the borders of neighbouring countries, providing access to clean water, health care services, and other critical support.

The Choristers would be very grateful to anyone who would like to sponsor them and support UNICEF’s vital Ukraine Appeal. The Just Giving page link is below.