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QEH Junior School in Bristol is inviting boys who are currently in Year 3 or 4 to go along and enjoy a fun-filled Sport Open Evening at the Sports Ground on the 26 April. Boys will be coached by the school’s experienced QEH staff in two sports of their choice, from rugby, football, cricket or tennis. There will also be a chance to explore the facilities and have refreshments.

“At QEH, we believe in nurturing young talent and providing a platform for aspiring players to enhance their skills and passion for sport,” said David Kendall, Head of QEH Juniors. “This event aims to inspire and empower boys by offering a one-off coaching event in two sports of their choice. 

The event will take place from 4-6p at the QEH Sports Ground, Clevedon Road, Failand, Bristol BS8 3TN. It will include –

  • Top-Notch Coaching: a team of experienced and enthusiastic professional coaches are eager to share their knowledge and expertise, helping young players develop their skills and understanding of the game. 
  • Diverse Sports Experience: By allowing the participants to choose two sports, the event offerz a broader exposure to different disciplines, facilitating their overall development. 
  • Group Sessions: To ensure personalised attention, the coaching will be conducted in small groups, with a maximum of 16 participants in each, enabling the coaches to focus on individual growth and improvement. 
  • Refreshments Provided: in understanding the importance of keeping young players energised, there will be appropriate refreshments after their two coaching sessions. 

Booking Information

Space is limited and bookings are essential to secure a spot. To secure a place for their son at the event, parents should click the link and complete the online registration form. The registration deadline is Friday 19 April, so please act promptly to avoid disappointment.   

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required