Fairfield High School (FHS) has pleasure in sharing a tasty new online World Food Cook Book, offering a wide array of smaller plates, larger plates and sweet plates, thanks to a collective effort of schools within the Bristol Education Partnership – and in conjunction with the Soil Association. Staff and students (including entries from FHS representing Jamaica, Vietnam and Wales) jumped at the chance of submitting recipes to celebrate World Food Day in an initiative which will touch the hearts (and kitchens) of thousands.

“Since the Bristol Education Partnership launched in 2019, our 10 partner schools have been working on different projects to tackle the climate crisis,” explained Fiona Carnie from Bristol Education Partnership. “One of the key themes students are focusing on is food and they have been looking at ways of reducing carbon emissions by understanding how food is produced and by changing what we eat.

“The result being a beautifully presented, mouth-watering cook book with 35 recipes representing countries across the world.”

Nick Lewis, Principal of FHS, added, “We are delighted to share with all what an achievement this cook book is. Given the challenges we’ve all faced, to get a multi-school, sustainable, healthy eating focused, globally inspired cookbook released into the world, is a testament to the power of partnership in Bristol. We are especially pleased to see contributions from our own Fairfield Family.”

The cook book can be viewed and downloaded here.