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Congratulations to Nadia El Jarad from Fairfield High School (FHS) who has been awarded Pearson National Teaching Award’s Certificate of Excellence, for her fantastic work in helping the health, wealth and welfare of EAL (English as an Additional Language) students within the school.

According to The Pearson National Teaching Awards, these are the Oscars of the teaching profession and have been rewarding the efforts and celebrations of excellence since 1998.

In a hand written letter from author Michael Morpurgo, Nadia’s work is described as ‘life-enhancing and life-changing’. He states, ‘I am writing to you to congratulate you and to thank you. For a child to have a great teacher like you is so important. You open doors, shine a light.’

Nadia was nominated by her colleague, a Learning Support Assistant, who witnessed her devotion and passion on a daily basis. She was unaware of her achievement, however, until Principal Nick Lewis surprised her with the certificate (pictured above).

“I am honoured and humbled to accept this teaching award following my continuing efforts in English-language for the EAL students in secondary education,” said Nadia. “Teaching languages is my passion, and the real pleasure lies in knowing that my help and support to make a difference to children’s lives every single day. 

“Teachers have faced new challenges over the last two years since the pandemic began, but we still continue to strive to help the next generation of children with their secondary education. I express sincere thanks and gratitude to my bright and hard-working students, my supportive co-workers, and my loving family.”

Jo Hall, Nadia’s colleague and EAL Lead, said, “Nadia has infinite kindness and serenity that she shows to every person she meets. She works tirelessly to engage students and their families with Fairfield school life. She nurtures all who know her, often with a delicious food parcel she brings from home, and always has time to listen and to wish you well. She is totally committed to improving the lives for refugees and new arrivals to this country.”