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Minny Stynker, new family show and augmented reality experience, inspired by an original story by artistic director Tomasin Cuthbert, is coming to the Tobacco Factory Theatres from 29 May to 1 June.

Moving house to a new city where it always rains, Kit is alone. Making friends is always hard, but here, it feels impossible. The rain beats down on the roof and drips down the window panes, trapping Kit in the quiet stillness of their dingy bedroom. But, one night, when idly scribbling to pass the time, the swirls and whirls on the page giggle into a life of their own, and a very unusual adventure unfolds!

A story about the magic of creativity, how we reach out to each other in the darkness and together, bring the impossible to life.

Devised by one of Bristol’s leading theatre makers for family audiences, Soap Soup combines high quality children’s theatre with the magic of projection mapping, bringing the vibrant illustrations from the book to life. Minny Stynker will bring you a completely unique theatre experience of the like you’ve never experienced before.

Minny Stynker combines the magic of live performance and puppetry with cutting-edge projection mapping and augmented reality technology.

Alongside a theatre show set to premiere at TFT this May 29 – 01 June ahead of a UK-wide tour, an immersive AR experience and a Minny Stynker picture book will be distributed to hospitals, hospices and healthcare settings across the South West.

In 2020, Soap Soup’s Artistic Director Tomasin Cuthbert spent time in Bristol’s NICU after her son was born with severe Meconium Aspiration Syndrome. After this experience and isolation, she felt moved to begin a project for families who are caring for children with long term illness.

The project offers an invaluable resource for reducing anxiety, supporting self expression and providing a much needed distraction for children and their families. Alongside this distribution to healthcare settings, the Minny Stynker experience will be made available to families unable to visit traditional theatre settings through donations to mobile libraries, schools and community spaces. Find out more here.

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