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Fairfield High School (FHS) celebrated World Book Day with a number of events and competitions. The most prominent was a door dressing competition demonstrating much creative flair and love for books.

While some doors were dressed head to toe in book covers, others chose quotes from favourite books, whilst others offered a vocab competitions. Prizes were given to the first, second and third winners; a tricky decision in itself!

Staff and students also got in the spirit by dressing up as book characters, with prizes being awarded to three students with the most impressive costumes – well done to Amisha, Chip and Abdulhadi, from Years 7, 8 and 9.

During tutor time, students were shown a World Book Day video about the book Being an Ally: Real Talk about showing up, Screwing up, and Trying Again. This tied in well with this year’s Theme of ‘your’ World Book Day and was followed by a special quiz.

During break time an event was held in the library where students were treated to sweets and cake with a chance to win even more prizes by designing a bookmark and/or writing a postcard to a book. This proved very popular with many students choosing to return at lunch to finetune their efforts. A special mention to Ruby, Eleanor, Imaan, Amisha and Aeryn.

Shay Singh, Senior Librarian at Fairfield High School, said, “World Book Day 2023 at Fairfield was a fantastic day. It was amazing to see students participating in so many different ways to show their love of literature. Next year we already have ideas to make the event even bigger and better!”