The Guardian Good School’s Guide has rated Fairfield High School (FHS) as the best school in Bristol, showcasing the organisation’s continuous hard work, passion and dedication.

Whilst the school scored highly in a number of the segments, it shone in particular in the following areas representation, disadvantaged pupils and progress. The school’s We are Fairfield ‘Aspirational for All’ values is a perfect example of how these areas have been developed, as students are prepared for a rich and fulfilling life, with the training and encouragement to be as creative and innovative as possible. Furthermore, the emphasis on student leadership is helping students to become change makers within society, both at school and for years to come.

Alice Towle, former Head Student at Fairfield is a shining example of this. “Going to secondary at Fairfield provided me with so many opportunities in and out of the classroom. We always used to joke that I was never at school because there was always something exciting going on, from trips to debate competitions or sports matches. And if ever there was a club that we wanted that didn’t exist we were allowed to find it. From feminist societies to anime clubs… we really had everything. And it’s this attitude of pushing everyone to do their best in and out of the classroom that I really valued at Fairfield.”

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FHS highly values its community and is proud of the many different nationalities, cultures and ethnicities of staff and students, past and present. It ensures every individual is seen and heard, and is exposed and educated in topical and thought-provoking projects such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQI+ History Month and wider equality issues.

Actions speak even louder than words, as two members of the Fairfield’s Senior Leadership Team recently presented on the National Schools of Tomorrow’s panel to share how the school’s equalities curriculum, recovery and Black Lives Matter are being fed into its post COVID recovery and wider curriculum, and will also be speaking at Bristol’s upcoming Teacherfest 2021.

Statistics wise, Fairfield is also very proud of its academic achievements, with students, no matter what their background or ability, do much better than other schools nationally. At Fairfield, great results go hand in hand with a holistic and outward looking approach to pupil personal development.

Nick Lewis, Principal at FHS, commented, “It is a delightful mix of things that our community are doing on a daily basis that makes Fairfield so special. We are constantly evolving with societal changes and l am proud of the passion, integrity and actions of individuals within our organisation who shape what we are. The news that The Guardian has identified us as the best school in Bristol makes the best job in the world become even better.”