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This week as part of their newly launched Adventure Programme, Year 1 children at Clifton High School visited Watercress Farm at the Belmont Estate to explore the ecosystem of a stream and its surrounding habitats. This forms part of the sustainability section of the Adventure programme, focussing specifically on rewilding. 

As part of the visit, the children listened for birds, searched for insects and explored a shallow river to see what they could find.

“Year 1 had a wonderful time at Watercress Farm and were amazed by the array of wildlife around them,” said Mr Sam Rimmer, Year 1 Class Teacher. “They enjoyed exploring in the river and searching the forest and meadow for insects. They also used their senses carefully, listening for bird song and watching patiently for any movement in the river.

“The visit provided an excellent opportunity to discuss sustainability with the children, as well as why the area is so abundant with nature and what we can do to preserve this.”